Inquiry Into Currency & Economics Part 1

 I am so excited to share our newest unit of inquiry and what we have been up to.  This unit has a huge focus on currency, exchanges, and economics.  I have added a quick screenshot of my favorite read-aloud text for the first couple of weeks.  My most favorite recent find was the Financial Literacy for Kids Series with Cat and Dog.  These are perfect and the kids really like the characters and can make connections as we read. Check out my favorites below. 

 This week we started off the unit with a provocation and explored different currencies around the world. Each table was given a collection of coins, magnifying glasses, and a see, think, wonder page that can be found here.  They were able to chart things they noticed, what they thought our unit might be about, and questions that they had.  This was a great way to spark excitement and allow for some great conversations. 

I am a HUGE fan of using old magazines for just about everything! I use them for sorting syllables, sound patterns, letter sounds, and this week, needs and wants. After listening to the story, Cat and Dog Learn About Needs and Wants the kids worked in groups to sort examples of needs and wants from magazines.  

One of my favorite books in this unit is the Ox Cart Man.  I found a really great comparison activity on Pinterest and then of course the link was bad.  I could not find the original creator of this activity, so I decided to recreate it myself in Canva.  If you do know the original creator please let me know, so I can give credit.  Until then here is a freebie for you to use with your kiddos. 
Click the image below for your freebie

When introducing goods and services I like to use Brain Bop Jr to build some background knowledge and then we really focus on stores and places we would visit that would give us goods: food, clothes, toys, etc, and then we discuss what businesses offer services like car washes, nail salons, and fire departments. One read-aloud that is perfect for this is If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.  The kids always love this story, plus there are so many goods and services noted throughout the story. We made an anchor chart to go along with the book. 

We ended our week with a fun quick check to see if the kids understood the difference between goods and services. They were able to create their own drawing of businesses in their community that would provide goods and businesses that would provide services.  They really loved this because they could draw places their family actually visited or even owned! This activity was a hit and such a cute display for the classroom.  The original creator Hooked on Teaching no longer has an active blog, so I recreated this amazing idea and shared this freebie with you below! 

Snag your freebie below!

I hope you found some ideas you could use in your classroom! I will have a part two coming soon with other activities we love in this unit, including our first-grade market mini-unit! Stay tuned!

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