Open House Student Gift

Summer is starting to come to an end which means I have to officially stop procrastinating and get stuff done.  This is always an exciting time of year for me.  My classroom is so clean and organized, I have new pretty supplies setting out, and my creative juices start flowing with ideas that drive my husband crazy because it means another job for him. I have been back and forth on what to give my kids for gifts this year.  Last year I did these adorable water bottles, but the downside was every child kept them at school and wanted to fill them up every hour on the hour.  I'm pretty sure they were more concerned with the water bottles than any learning the first week.  

I decided to go a different route and make something that I would love, the parents would love, and hopefully the kids would love.  I decided to make personalized bookmarks with their names and buy a bunch of books for cheap.  They could find their bookmark, a just right book for them, and stamp their name inside to make it officially theirs.  I loved this idea because first grade is such an important year for reading growth.  They have no idea how much they are going to learn!  You can grab the FREE template from Brown Bag Teacher for the bookmarks here.  
The bookmarks aren't 100% done...I still need to add some fun ribbon to the ends, but you get the idea.  I forgot that Scholastic Teacher Shop isn't open until August 1st and I didn't want to wish and pray they arrived on time so I stopped by my local Goodwill.  Can you believe I scored 25 books that were BRAND new with no sign of even being read and only for a quarter! Cheap gift ideas are amazing! 

I made this cheesy poem to place in a frame on a table for open house next to the books.  If you want to download the google document click here to edit. I would love to know other ideas that you are thinking of doing.  Please share!  


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