Visual Plans...Digging Deeper

It is still summer and I really should be sitting by the pool working on my tan, but instead I am preparing plans for next school year.  We recently went from GLE’s, to adapting Common Core, to now using the Missouri Learning Standards. The past couple years have been crazy with curriculum, but I am finally happy that there are standards in place and we actually know 100% what we are to be teaching.   
I started creating visual plans and units for the year based on our new standards and I thought I would share what our first unit looks like.  We chose to focus on character education since it’s the beginning of school and we chose responsibility, respect, honest, and friendship as our key themes.  All of these are used in out daily Plattin Pledge that we use.

Obviously is Google Docs you can pull this up and really look at the links/images needed for this five week period.  I plan to have all of the quarterly learning targets, PDF copies, links, and pacing guides done by August 15th.  Let’s hope that I can make that happen.  I only have 2 units left, American Contributors and Stars and Our Universe.  I am attaching a link to my first quarter folder where you will find the plans, PDF copies and a sample of our learning targets.  If you have more questions please feel free to email me.  Some of the items might be missing, as they were units I purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers and can’t share.


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