Back to School Already!

Is it me or did summer fly by this year? We had open house last night and room/lesson prep today.  Tomorrow my new kiddos will enter my room and the year begins!  It is exciting and nerve racking at the same time.  Just like the kids I get nervous of the unknown, but I have learned to embrace it because what fun would it be if you knew what each day would hold?  
This year I figured I would share what my kids will see on their first day.  I changed it up a bit this year and decided to not do assigned seats and let the kids pick their best place to work.... CRAZY right?  I am hoping this goes well and I am keeping my fingers crossed that this group will make it happen.  Since I don't have assigned seats I created personalized color pages for when they first come in.  Here is a peek at what they look like.  

If you go to Doodle Art Alley there are a lot of name plate color pages you can choose from. I snapshot them into Powerpoint and added the names with a text box.  It was pretty simple and I think this will help the kids find their seats until they are ready to learn about picking their own. 

I also managed to snag a few extra goodies that I had to make work in my room.  I got a new bookshelf to display my theme books for each unit and then I also got a stage. Yes a STAGE!!! Oh the things that are possible.  Author share time and celebrations will be perfect for this! Check them out. 

 Can you guess our first theme unit from the books up top? 

My sweet husband sent me my yearly flowers for open house and it was a success.  I love getting to meet all the new kids and their parents.  I know this year is going to be great! Can't wait to post first week pictures. 

On an end note here is a funny video to get you laughing for your first week back.  If you're a teacher you will get this 100%.  Happy teaching! 


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