St. Patrick's Day Fun

I love days when we get to let loose and have fun in the classroom.  The amount of excitement, creativity, and laughter was amazing.  I think if I hear the word leprechaun one more time though I may scream.  My kids were a bit obsessed with our leprechaun Lucky.  Here is a quick look at what we were up to today.

We started off with a surprise letter from our favorite leprechaun Lucky.  He made a pretty big mess on our desks when we were gone for specials.  He left green footprints everywhere, glitter, gold, and a funny little note with cookies.  The kids loved this!  We read a cute book about catching a leprechaun called, How to Catch a Leprechaun.  The kids came up with 3 wishes they would make if they caught a leprechaun.  They were pretty cute and funny.  We got crafty making these adorable leprechaun’s to put around our writing.  They made for an adorable hallway display.

We managed to get some graphing skills in today.  I love that were are on module 3 in Eureka Math.  Our theme is measurement and graphing so this is perfect for Lucky Charms graphing.  I added a little more challenge to the activity by having the kids find the differences in their data.  They sorted, graphed, interpreted data, and created number sentences all in one lesson!

We finished our day with a little snack from our friend Lucky and informational reading on rainbows.  We even made rainbows on a stick.  I am thinking we may need to find some time in the next week to do a little experiment with rainbows.  The kids loved learning about them and had a lot of questions that were still unanswered.   

The drink might have been the talk of the day.  My principal played along with the trick and made her toes green prior to drinking the juice.  The kids about fell out of their seats!  I’m one tired teacher but the day was so worth it!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day Y’all!


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