March QR Code Readers

I feel like I have been a little absent lately with classroom updates.  We have had a very busy February and March.  We decided to list our house and that alone has taken up a lot of time on top of my classroom needs and family time.  I have decided to share a little freebie with you for the month of March!

I have been making QR code readers for my listen to reading centers that are holiday themed.  My kids have really enjoyed using these along with RAZ Kids and EPIC.  I love EPIC and it’s free.  I have attached a Google doc to allow you to download 6 of my freebie stories for the month.  Just print, laminate, and hole punch with a ring and you are good to go. Just click here for your freebie or click the picture below.  

On another noteI would love to share some cute pictures from our last couple weeks of learning.  These are mainly Dr. Seuss week activities, which the kids loved. Check out these cuties all decked out in their Seuss gear. 

Since we are a National School of Character we really do try to teach strong character traits daily whether it be through read-aloud lessons, conflict resolution on the playground, or even character ed specific lessons.  I feel like Dr. Seuss did a great job with teaching various character traits through out his stories.  We read The Sneetches and discuss what it means to “single people out” or make people feel unwelcome.  The kids all agreed that being a Sneetch with a blue star or no star didn’t matter because its what’s inside that counts.  When we were done reading the story the kids wrote what they loved about them on a blue star and we placed it on our giant Sneetch outside out room.

To top off our day we had our 2nd graders and first graders pair up with some of our Kindergarten kids and do buddy reading.  This was probably my favorite time of the day.  You could really see the pride that the older kids had helping the younger ones stretch words and read.  Talk about a confidence booster. 

Is this not the cutest picture? The older child was telling the kindergartner to chunky monkey her word and was using the strategy find a little inside a big.  Ahhh...I LOVE IT! 
Happy teacher moment ; ) 

Be sure to check back mid-week for a detailed post on how I do my  guided reading groups and my favorite book to help support it!!!


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