Guided Groups and Bunny Hop Freebie!

I can’t believe we are almost to Easter! I did a quick countdown to see how many days we had left and we have less than 40YES 40!  This just seems crazy to me. How close are you getting to summer break? 

I am writing this post to give you a sneak peek at what I am going to be posting about over the weekend and also share a fun phonics freebie that you can use in your guided groups. This year I had the pleasure of watching a colleague of mind do some guided groups and I fell in love with the whole package.  She was able to meet with all of her kids everyday (yes EVERYDAY) and also was hitting on so many key strategies in just a 12-15 minute period.  She introduced me to Jan Richardson and I have been in love with her style of guided groups ever since.  If you have not had a chance to read either of the books below I highly recommend them for any classroom teacher wanting to improve their guided reading groups and strategies.

I have added a quick peek at what my weekly-guided reading lesson template looks like. I will be posting more in-depth with how I use this template and what resources I use throughout the week.  This should be editable to fit your classroom, but can't be reproduced and sold as your own.  Many of the resources are self created, PTR program resources, Treasures guided books, RAZ kids, and even a few goodies from my favorite bloggers out there. 

Wednesday is always a student favorite because it is game day! We always play a fun review game over recently taught phonics skills for the week.  This week we are doing a review over our buddy vowel sounds and r-controlled sounds because these were some of the most missed vowel sounds during my pop-in running records. You can grab this fun freebie by clicking the picture below.  All you need are jellybeans and some excited kids!  

Check back this weekend for more guided reading tip, tricks, and favorites of mine! Happy Easter and happy teaching ;)


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