Dollar Tree Deals

As this summer comes to a quick close I am both sad and happy.  Sad that my extra time with my kiddo is gone, but happy to get back in school mode and into my room.  One of my favorite parts of back to school and getting to redo my room and get ORGANIZED. Hey, it looks really good for at least the first few weeks. If you are like me and teach the little guys then by Christmas break you know your beautifully organized room is no longer in existence.

This year I decided to try not to spend as much as I have in years past.  I calculated my costs for taxes last year and about died when I saw my total classroom spendings  (UGH). I ran to the The Dollar Tree a few times over the summer and they have really up’d their game!!! Check out some of these awesome finds for only a buck!

I really love these cute mini story books.  My kids love to do work on writing for Daily 5 choice and they books are always what go quick.  These come 10 to a pack and have a few different cover designs.  I loved the “SUPERHERO” theme one.  I also thought that these could also be copied easily on a copy machine and there is no DO NOT REPRODUCE OR COPY! I also grabbed a few packages of the chalkboard letters.  I love these and they could really be used on bulletin board displays in your room, on banners, etc. My classroom theme this year is chalkboard with bright colors, so these were perfect.

This was probably one of my best Dollar Tree Deals ever! About Me posters (yes real poster size) 10 in a pack for $1.00.  I bought 8 packs. These are always great for back to school activities and they make great hallways displays too.

They have some of the cutest borders this year and alphabet border designs. They had a ton of zebra, polka dot, chevron, and even these cute inspirational chalkboard borders. These were a must for me!

These adorable, bright buckets are a Dollar Tree staple and they had a ton of different sizes and colors this year.  I redid my whole classroom library this year and got all of my buckets from the Dollar Tree and saved a ton compare to the popular magazine buckets. They even had a ton of different colored paint/chalkboard pens which are perfect for writing student names on the black backgrounds. 

Here is a little sneak peek of the kiddos back to school night treats. I made these water bottles with their names on them and placed a snack inside so they all will have water and a snack on the first day. I got a Cricut this summer and I pretty much want to put vinyl on EVERYTHING! I even got a score on these water bottles because they were marked 70% off at Hobby Lobby. 

Here is a quick look at what I have been up to in my room, but check back in a few days for the full reveal.


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