New Year,New Look!

I wanted to take a moment to share a few pictures from our first week of school and to show some picture of my classroom.  This year I decided it was time for a change.  I have pretty much had the same set up and décor for the past 2-3 years and I was ready for a change.  I decided to head over to SchoolGirl Style and have her hook me up with a cute rainbow chalkboard theme.  I really fell in love with the silhouettes.   
 I really love the way my focus wall turned out and the sky paper helps to set off the harsh black colors from the chalkboard designs.

 The adorable subway art rules posters can be purchased here.
 I decided this year that I would go with a magnetic word wall.  This makes it super easy for the kids to grab and go with the words for centers, writing, and seat work. 

Our first week of school was a success.  We all survived and had a wonderful time getting to know one another.  We managed to do some “About Me” posters that I got a steal for at the Dollar Tree (I heart that store).  My favorite part was letting the kids decorate cardboard cut outs of them themselves.  They turned out really cute and made an awesome display for the first week back.

We managed to get “Our Classroom Promise” finished and hung in our room too.  I love Debbie Miller and this is a must in my plan book during the first days back.  We did a classroom survey with anchors around the room.  I love this activity because it gets them up and moving around the room.  They are usually pretty squirmy the first couple weeks until they get the routine down, so this is great.  We play it much like musical chairs only they stop at a poster and have to put a sticker on the choice that best describes them.  For example, “What’s your favorite specials?”  The kids love it.

 Student Surveys 

We did a lesson this year that I really loved to watch.  It was a listening and following directions exercise with Legos.  This is a skill that I am sure all kids can use as a life skill.  Each group got two bags of Legos, each with the same colors/size Legos as the other.  One partner would build a Lego design with their eight blocks and then would have to give step-by-step instructions to the other student and see if they could build their design correctly.  The builder had an office up so the other person couldn’t look.  It was tricky for some of my kiddos, but I had a few students that really gave detailed directions for a first grader. I was impressed!

What are some of your favorite first week activities? Have a wonderful week and happy teaching!



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