Organization, My Cricut, & Easter Freebie Fun!

Have you ever been searching for awesome classroom ideas on Pinterest when you come across a classroom picture that catches your eye.  Well, that was me the other night.  It didn’t only catch my eye because it was super cute and colorful, but it caught my eye because of how organized it was.  I had a large amount of disbelief when looking through the pictures on her blog.  Oh how I dreamed my room could be that clean and organized.  I really must know who actually has a teaching desk that looks like this.  My desk is a hot mess almost everyday throughout the week except for Friday before I leave, when I get it all ready for next weeks plans only to be trashed by the next Friday.  So I came up with this fantasy vs reality description. 

oth the desks above are not mine but I love both of them for so many reasons.  I truly envy Miss DeCarbo’s desk and her entire classroom at that.  She is so organized and I know she tried a few different things before she found what worked for her.  I love Mrs. Chennai’s desk too.  Mainly because this is my desk through out the week.  My bookshelf isn’t colored coded and cute, I have papers everywhere, and I do know where everything is somehow. I really just need more TIME to get organized.  I have decided to make this my sole priority the next few weeks before school is out.  Here is where I am starting….

I always feel like I am planning like crazy every year!  Why????? Well, that is an easy answer (I am terrible at organizing) ; ( I went to Target and got 10 large storage bins and printed out months with my best friend Mr. Cricut and some pretty pink vinyl.  In the end they turned out super cute and they will store all of my materials for RTI, centers, small group, or lesson materials.  This really is just all the things that take forever to laminate and make, but that you love to use and always seem to loose. I will post pictures of all of these later this week. Until then here is a picture of my March bucket above.

My To-Do List this Week
-Clean out and organize my teacher desk area
-Finish my monthly bins and organize
I also started doing visual plans in January and I can already tell you this will be a huge time saver next year.  I have a folder for every month stored on my desktop. In the month there are copies of all my lessons for each week PDF and PP for editing, a PDF copy of the workpages I used for each week, and any website, PP, or Actvi Inspire Boards I need.  I am hoping I wont be loosing anything next year! 
What do you do to stay organized and what has been a life saver??? Tips are always helpful!  

On a side note to all my ranting about my lack of organization, here is a freebie for you.  Hopefully this will be helpful for you with Spring in full bloom now!

Click the picture to download a freebie! 

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