Ice Cream Measurement & Weekly Snippets

Wow!!! I knew it had been awhile since I blogged last but a monthreally? I have been pretty busy and I have been posting like crazy on our class Facebook page, but have neglected my blog ;  ( I am hoping I haven’t decided to put too much on my plate. To make up for it I have decided to share a HUMP DAY Freebie with you guys and also do a visual recap of the past couple weeks via my Facebook page. 

Next week I get to teach my kiddos all about measuring to the nearest centimeter and I was trying to find the easy way out.  After a small search on Pinterest I basically came up empty handed, so I decided to create something myself.  I have been craving flip flops, sunshine, and ice cream so I decided to make an ice cream measurement activity. I also figured it would be a great excuse to eat some ice cream with my kiddos!

Click the picture below to grab a copy for your classroom!  

If you aren’t already a follower on my Facebook page you can click the link below to get connected.  This is much easier for me to manage from school and home and I am usually on this 3-5 times a week.  Here are some posts from the past couple weeks.

This week we were focusing on tricky endings in our Pathways to Reading program.  The kids LOVED this tricky ending hunt from my Pathways Power Pack. This unit is jammed full or activities for whole group, small group, and centers.  I use this all the time and the kids really enjoy all the activities.
In math our main focus last week was 3-digit addition.  The kids did a wonderful job with this and really enjoyed out buddy games during Math Daily 5.  Check out this cute FREEBIE we used from graphics by Ruth.  I love this site because she not only has tons of free graphics for classroom use, but all of her centers and games are free too.  She is definitely a favorites in my bookmarks.

We even managed to squeeze in some science fun!  We were so busy trying to finish up all of our 3rd quarter assessments that the kids needed some excitement.  What is more exciting than dancing raisin? This experiment is always a favorite with my kiddos. I love it because they really are shocked when the raisins “dance” and every year I only have a few students that actually pick the raisins will dance as their prediction.  This is a must have! You can grab a free recording sheet and details at What the Teacher Wants.

Check back this weekend for some fun and exciting QR Code activities to use with your spelling words and sight words.  I may even be sharing a tutorial on how to create your own.  They are super easy, tech savvy, and the kids LOVE them!


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