Easter In the Air

Here is a quick post on some of my favorite Easter activities last wee.  We had a short week because of the holiday and our spring break, so I really had to cram it all in.  The first activity I snagged from Carrie’s Creations on TPT.  It is a great activity to have and can be used for lots of different subjects.  I used this cute egg hunt recording form for a quarter hunt I sent my kids on.  They hunted around the room for eggs and then cracked them open to count the quarters.  We just learned about quarters so this was a perfect review.  You could also use lots of different coins, sight words, letter scramble, math problems, etc.  The options are endless and she even has two different PDF documents.  One is coin related the other would be for anything.  The best part……it is free HERE.

We also did some fun Peep science experiments and I even found a great resource for some FREE recording forms with adorable clipart.  The kids LOVED these during our down time and there are a tone to choose from.  We did, Does a Peep Sink or Float? and What Happens When You Place a Pink & Yellow Peep In Clear Soda?  This was fun and easy and we even enjoyed some Peeps!

Here is a link for Happy Teacher Happy Kids TPT shop.  This is where you can snag the adorable printables to go with all these experiments.  

I saved the best for last because I love, love, love this activity!  We don’t really have time for show n’ tell in first grade, so this is always a huge favorite with the kids.  We have been learning about adjectives and the activity What’s In My Egg? Is perfect to go along with this.  I snagged this fun freebie from Fun In First!  The kids take home a clue form with a friendly letter explaining their task, along with a plastic egg.  The child places one thing that will fit in the egg and writes 3 describing clues to help the rest of us guess what is in their egg.  Here are some pictures from our egg activity! 

I will be finishing up my Unit 5 Treasures small group resources this week and will also be posting up some classroom redo/DIY pictures later in the week.  Have a great week!



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