Apostrophes, H-Brothers, & Spirit Week...OH MY!

I am so excited to finally be blogging.  Things have been so crazy the month of September, so my posts may be on overload the next few days.  Between family weekend getaways and school outings this teacher is pooped!  I wanted to share some cute pictures from spirit week and also some fun things we have been doing for h brothers and grammar this past week. Here are some cute pictures from Homecoming Week.  Can you guess the themes?

We also were learning about apostrophes this week.  I love the book The Greedy Apostrophe and the kids thought it was great.  I made this cute little template of the greedy guy himself.  The kids made sentences showing possession and added him with an s to their names.  It really did stick because on our unit test I only had one kiddo miss that question.

It was also that time of year for h brother introductions.  I love, love, love our h-brother superhero hunt.  I have done it every year since I made it.  The kids LOVE this and it does seem to really stick.  I added some fun “restaurant style” learning placemats into the mix after introducing every h brother and then made a cumulative mat to review all h brothers.  You can snag one for free below and the others are available as a set on my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop!   

Here is a peak at some of the mats we were using in RTI for h brothers this week!  The kids really liked these and they were simple enough to complete in under 15 minutes for extra practice or a word work station too!

Grab your freebie by clicking the picture below!

If you liked the freebie you can snag the others at my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop for $1!

 I hope you have a great week and happy hump day! I am going to end this post with a pic of my sweet baby Nora because who doesn’t love a baby in a bathtub?


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