Sentence Scramble

We have been pretty busy finishing up the end of 1st quarter, but we did manage to have some fun going on a hunt for "TREASURED SENTENCES".  I must say the kids LOVED this activity.  Who doesn't like going on a treasure hunt.  The only thing that I would have done differently is made had the kids only find one box and have the sentences in various numbered containers.  I may need to fix this a bit for my next group of kiddos.  They did great, but having to find numerous boxes and the multi-step direction did seem to be difficult for them.  
The kids were split into groups and given treasure maps with riddles to find their first treasure box.  Inside each box was word cards to form a sentence and three different punctuation marks.  The kids had to work together to sort the words to form a sentence and then decided which type of punctuation mark it needed.  They recorded it on their form and read the riddles on the lids of the boxes to find out where the next box would be.  

They were so excited to get their maps.  

To grab this freebie for your classroom use click the picture below! 


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