Past Due Post...Pardon the Overload!

We have been so busy at school and at my home these past couple weeks, so I apologize for the crammed post.  I guess I will start off with my kiddos cute Grandparent’s Day projects they worked on.  There is nothing cuter than a kiddos free hand drawing of their grandma or grandpa.  Check out some of these cute dedications to their grandparent’s.
 I love the gold star addition to this grandma’s hairdo!

We had so much fun making foam frames to place pictures from this special day.  Here are some pictures of them getting crafty ; )

 This past week we also were working very hard on possessive nouns.  This is always a tricky concept for the kids to get and I have found this easiest way to make it stick is to relate it directly to them and to come up with a jingle to help make the concept stick.  Check out my post last year for the cute song by clicking here.

We read the book, A, My Name Is Alice to help the kids generate objects that started with their name.  They then had to make it theirs by adding an ‘s.  They liked coming up with the animals and sharing their pictures with their classmates. Check out some of the finished projects!
 I love the way this kid spelled nail polish  (Nael).  We just learned what’s your name e this week and will learn next week to kick it to the back of words.  This made me happy to see her apply it in her writing.

I will be posting some other goodies in a couple days.  Have fun teaching!


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