Shark Attack & Phonics Freebie!

I have been pretty busy this week coming up with lots of fun phonics activities to do as a review before our Pathways to Reading (phonics program) test in a week.  My kids are in love with all of these cute centers and ideas.  I will be posting a lot as we use them each day.  Be checking back for lots of freebies and cheap centers and activities I will be selling. 
Today we reviewed r-controlled sounds and we focused on ar (this one is missed the most).   I came up with the cute idea of using sharks and having a shark attack lesson.  MY BOYS LOVED THIS!  We read the book Shark Attack! A non-fiction book about a man that was really attacked by a shark and lived.  We brainstormed all the ar words we heard in the story.  We came up with about eight.  We recorded them on the chart below…It is nothing special but it worked.  The best part comes next….

After we charted out words I told them that they would be going on a shark attack today.  They were loving this…Their task was to attack all the words with ar sounds in them.  They made shark bite hats and had to hunt the room for ar words on shark cards.  This was  HUGE hit. 

I must say this was a big success with all of my students.  I have 13 boys this year and 6 girls so I have to find things that really grab their attention and this one took the cake. 

You can purchase this activity for $2.00 at my Teachers Pay Teachers shop or Teachers Notebook.  Click the image above to take you to My Teachers Notebook Shop.
We also worked on tapping out the sounds in words using cereal sound dots.  It worked as a lesson and a snack.  We use these to review for our Treasures Reading tests too.  There is a section where they have to match the picture to the correct spelling and I always have my kiddos sound dot the words before making their choice.

 Grab your free copy here or click the image below!
Have a great week and check back for more fun phonics activities!!!!  I have some good girlies ones coming too.

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