Listening Lesson & 100th Day

Does anyone else feel like your class is never listening?  Sometimes I wonder because my class has not been the best at following directions lately.  I found a really cute book and used a great resource from Amanda at First Grade Garden to make my lesson complete.  It was also a great label lesson too. 
 This book was perfect for the kids plus it was pretty funny.  We talked about how it was very similar to telephone and if you don’t use your best listening skills you can mess up an important message.  This is the same with class activities.  If you aren’t listening you will miss important lessons needed to get you ready for 2nd grade.  
Yesterday was the 100th day of school for us. It was a bit crazy because it was on a Monday…not a fan.  The kids were so excited!  Here are a few pictures of what our day was like.  

I can’t take any credit for these cute treats.  I made the tags because there were not printable tags on her blog but the idea isn’t mine.  You can find her blog at Mrs. Greene’s Kindergarten Korner. 

 We also made our 100th day snack mix!  The kids loved putting 10 of each snack in their baggies to make 100.

One of their favorite things of the day was making the Zero the Hero capes…. I think the boys were in love.  I actually had a boy were his cape to school today.  I went for these capes instead of crowns or hats.  They were so easy and very CHEAP! I spent 2.00 on plastic tablecloth and they colored a zero the hero color page to place on the back. 

Stay posted!!! I have some good freebies coming and finally a new unit to post.  It took much longer then planned ; ) 


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  1. Love you 100th day treats! Looks like the kiddos had a lot of fun! :-) I'm planning on celebrating the 120th day of school with my class this year.