Phonics Freebie and Treasures Small Group Freebie

Here is a happy Monday post for all my blogging buddies.  This one will be short but extra sweet because you get two freebies….
In Treasures this week (Unit 4 Week 1) our word work focus is long o words, so I made this little word work activity for my small group work.  I always do word work on Mondays.  Here are some pictures of it in action and a freebie for you.  Even if you don’t use Treasures it is a winner. 

 The students had to read a passage containing long o words spelled four different ways.  Their job as to highlight and record the words they found.  It was simple and only took about 12-15 minutes which fits my time slot for small groups.

Click the picture below to snag a copy. 

Our focus last week was two vowels go walking practice, so here is another fun freebie to go with that skill. The students were paired up  with a board game, dice, and mini cars for markers.  They had to roll the dice, move to the correct word and spot the vowel sound and say the word.  The first one to finish won the race.  They really liked this. 
 Sorry I don’t have any pictures of this in action.  I left this as sub plans and I didn’t want to sound like a crazy teacher having her snap pictures. Click the image above for your download.


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