Snowman Craze & It's a Girl!

Well I officially had to return to school after a long and eventful break. This may have been the best Christmas ever.  We finally opened the greatest gift of all, the ultrasound with our child’s gender.  This was wrapped up in a box for around three weeks in my home.  Talk about a tease! We are both so happy to be welcoming a baby girl in April!

 Since I had a very short two day week I decided to do NYE and snowman activities instead of starting in on anything brand new.  If your kids were anything like mine were they are still trying to get back in the swing of things.  Here is a quick picture of our New Year’s Resolution project and some of the resources I used. 

 This idea was not at all my idea.  I found it on Pinterest and here is the link for the sources.  It was just too cute to pass up and it was FREE!!! I know we all love that.

I also loved this book, but didn’t have time to pick up a copy and it was checked out at our local library.  I did do some searching and found a reading of it on You Tube that is great!  I will probably use this every year. The kids loved it and it teaches great character education. 

Today we did a lot of fun snowman activities.  Most of these ideas were also off Pinterest, so I will add a pin resource under each picture.  These were also all FREE!!!

We read The Biggest Snowman Ever and completed this cute graphic organizer together as a class.  I thought it was a great way to review story elements. This idea came straight from over at Simply Second Grade
 We also reviewed adjectives by describing a snowman.  After we described it together as a class we did a fun writing activity called Lost Snowman.  The kids loved this!  I got this awesome idea and printables from over at Just Add Clipart.  I am pretty sure she is a hidden treasure.  Her stuff is so cute!

I thought this Darth Vader snowman was pretty creative.  I even had girls doing tooth fairy snowmen, and fairy snow-ladies.  They were very creative.  We didn’t finish them all yet, so I will post some more next week. 
 I posted about these compare and contrast snowmen last year, but I did it again this year.  I always love this activity because it makes a cute display and it is great practice for compare and contrast, which is a hard skill for some of my kids to grasp.   
Here a quick pic of the Christmas gifts my kiddos made for their parents this year.  I thought these would fit in great with the snowman post.  These were very cute and about $1.25 per child.  
-   felt and pom pom balls for face
-   ribbon for scarf
-   votive jars and candles (dollar store)
-   Snow-Tex for the white bumpy texture
I only had to buy the jars, candles and Snow Tex.  The rest I had on hand.

Sorry the post is a bit lengthy but I had a lot to post about.  I will post up some new units this week too.  I have some good ones in the works and a few freebies!!!! 



  1. Yay!!! It's a girl!!! I am so HAPPY for you both :)

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