Gender Prediction Party

Well this week was packed full of our Christmas activities and even a few that were not so festive.  We recently had our 20 week gender ultrasound and had the sex placed inside a sealed envelope.  I may need to add that this silly thing has been in my house for 3 weeks now and is driving me nuts.  My kiddos know that we are waiting to open it up as a Christmas present this year and make a big surprise out of it all since it is our first. 
I thought I would add to the fun in my classroom.  My kiddos graphed what they thought I was going to have….a little mister or miss.  I loved the whole lips and mustache theme…SO CUTE!

After we graphed our predications we had a sweet drink based on their predictions (pink lemonade for a miss) and blue Kool-Aide for a mister).   The kids loved the straws with the lips and mustaches and loved getting a fun drink during the day.   

Even the boys picked a little miss…….
I still had to make this activity educational and graphing wasn’t really going to cut it so I made this into a phonics lesson too.  I made little babies with y /ee/ sounds.  We just learned about y the tricky guy that steals the sounds of /ee/ and /ie/, so it worked out perfectly.  The kids had to hunt the room for babies and read and record the words inside a bottle recording form.  They thought this pretty fun and had a lot of fun with it. 

We will be finding out the gender on Christmas Eve Eve (SUNDAY).  I can’t wait to find out what we will be welcoming in April.  When I return to school I will be doing some kind of reveal for my kids…They are VERY excited to find out what I will be having.  


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