Bearded Blends Freebie & Unit 2 Sight Word Pack

Slowly but surely I have finally got the hang of my new Apple computer.  After some tears, frustrations, and a tutor to help I think I can function now.  For all my Treasures teachers I have finally uploaded my newest Unit 2 Treasures Sight Word Super Pack to my Teachers Notebook Shop and my new Teachers Pay Teachers shop.  Stop by and snag your copy for $4.00.
You can purchase this unit and view other items from my shop by clicking the buttons below. 

This past week our focus for unit 3 week 2 Treasures was blends.  I’m pretty sure by the end of the week my kids got it!  We did our cute blends books below and we even put blends on Santa’s beard.  I have attached a free copy for you to use in your classroom.  Even if you don’t use Treasures blends are still good to review and use during first grade!   

The blends go on the front and the words and pictures go inside the flaps.  The kids really liked making these.

Santa’s Bearded Blends Freebie
Click the image below for your free copy
I can tell the holiday break is getting close.  The kids are crazy.  How much longer until your Christmas break?  We have 6 1/2 days (not that I’m counting)…..


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