Learning Styles

     Sometimes one of the most challenging things as a teacher is to make sure that all your students’ needs are being met and that you are presenting your lessons in a way that each child learns best.  Well, I might have an easy solution to this.  In the beginning of the year send home a learning styles inventory for the parents to fill out about their child.  I like to send these before school starts with my welcome letter.  Have the parents fill out the inventory and tally their child’s score.  Use these score to help you throughout the year.  Below is a great site that has various inventories that can be done online or printed off.  I like the printable learner survey.
        I also have graphics of a hand, eye, and ear that I print off and laminate.  I use these to place on each child’s desk.  This helps me to remember that Johnny is a visual learner or that Sara only learns best visually.  I am a very visual learner, so this really seems to help me.  It seems very simple, but it really does help me out.  If you do groups in your classroom, this is also very helpful.  You can choose to put a variety of learners in one group. 

Here is a very simple printable that has the graphics I use on each child’s desk. 

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