Postcards, Pencils, Magnets, Oh My!

I wanted to let you know about one of my favorite sites, Vista Print.  This site is perfect for teachers because there are a ton of FREE products.  You only have to pay for shipping (around $6.00).  I just recently ordered my magnets that go home in my open house parent pack.  I love these because they have all of my contact information and they can’t loose them because they go right on the fridge.

          I also ordered my good news from school postcards.  I try to send out a few of these a week.  It is a great way to establish communication between the parent and teacher.  My kiddos also love getting these in the mail.  If you haven’t been here you must try it out!!!!

Above: My Good News Postcard   Below: Let’s Keep In Touch Magnet


  1. I order a boat-load of stuff and should be getting it this week! I just found you and am following you! Please consider following me. :)

    First Grade Frame of Mind

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