Classroom Theme Linky Party

I wish I had pictures to go with my favorite theme, but I didn’t ever take pictures.  I have done tons of themes, but my favorite was western.  I have the cutest reading corral made out of PVC pipes.  I made a corral and sprayed them with brown spray paint and wrapped fake barbed wire around the corral.  Inside the reading center here are some things I had:

* Old half barrels turned upside down with bandanna cushions (they made great chairs)

* I had a display on the wall that said “Lasso a Good Book”


Don’t Get the Boot Each child had their name on a bulletin board and 3 boots next to their name.  When they got in trouble they had to remove a boot.  Three boots meant they got booted.


* Instead of buying boarders I used bandanas and rope around the trim.  You can find these in bulk cheap on eBay. 

* My hall passes were sheriff pins.  Each pin had bathroom, office etc. written on it with a paint pin.

* My lunch choices were chuck wagon choices.

* I did a cute display in the beginning of the year with wanted posters.  I took each child’s picture with a foam cowboy hat during open house and then I created the display or the first day of school.  The board said, Wanted: Cowpokes ready to learn.

If I find pictures I will post them.  This is going to drive me nuts!   

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  1. THanks for joining the party! I love you ideas. This you you have to remember to take pictures.