Fairy Tale Fun: Part 1

This week our theme is fairy tales.  I started off day one with Jack and the Beanstalk.  I made this very large beanstalk outside my classroom door to get my kids thinking about what we would be learning this week.  I also left a little note outside the door for when they arrived.  I tweaked this just a bit and got the letter idea from
Babbling Abbey.  She did something similar for her Wizard of Oz unit.  The kids loved this and it is a cute display. 

We also planted lima bean seeds and are observing our plant growth.  I got these cute Lima Bean Experiment books from teachers pay teacher.  You can find the link for her fairy tales unit at http://www.firstgradebrain.com/  Her unit has lots of cute ideas that I will be posting throughout this week! I will be posting more pictures tonight from my home computer. 

Today we studied Princess and the Pea.  I used the graph we did below with the unit I purchased from The First Grade Brain.  They really got a kick out of this graph and the lips.  I made a fun treat called a frog kiss.  It is lime Jell-O with a Hershey kiss on top.  I planned on putting a gummy frog at the bottom, but I couldn’t find them this year.    Regardless, my kiddos loved the treat!

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  1. I love your fairy tale ideas. I love the sign saying there are magical things going on. I use fairy tales in my third grade classroom and would have loved to copy your sign. Too late though. I copied your button for my blog. Come and visit http://www/doreensrockin3rdgrade.com to see how I used fairy tales. Thank you for your resources.