Army Battleship

     Just thought I would share a little game I played with my kids this week in small group.  I made an army themed battleship game.  I placed all their spelling words and long o words on the board and added some fun army clip art.  For their game pieces I used plastic army men.  I gave each player four men to place on four different words on the board.  Each player would take turns guessing each others words.  If one of their men was covering the word they said man down and handed the opposing player their man.  The object of the game is to collect all the other player’s men for a Mission Completed!  
       I posted some pictures from one of my small groups.  My boys really loved this game and wanted to take a copy of the game home to play with their brothers.  Not to mention, the game and the pieces were maybe a couple bucks.  They sell the army men at the Dollar Tree! 

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