Weekly Writing Goals

     This is a short and sweet post to end the week.   I have a ton of fairy tale stuff to add to my blog and hopefully that will get posted in the next couple days.  For now I have a cute writing weekly goal sheet that I made to use with my students’.  I started out the year just writing what I wanted their focus to be on post-it notes and soon realized those were being wasted away.  To fix the problem I made a fancy little form for myself and the kiddos to take part in.
      I have a mini conference with each student on Monday.  During the conference I give them a goal to work on for the week.  I highlight it on the form and hand it to the child to put in their writer’s workshop binder.  They should be referring to their goal throughout the week.  On Friday when they turn in their final draft they must check the box at the bottom and staple it to their paper.  It works as a friendly reminder to check their writing before turning it in, plus it’s not an overload for their little heads.

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