Tick-Tock Time

        Here are a couple of really cute activities for telling time.  The first one is called “I Spy Time”.  I can’t take any credit for this cute idea, but I absolutely loved using this in my classroom.  I found this idea at What the Teacher Wants and quickly added it to my Google docs. My kids were so excited when I told them they were going on a hunt for time.  It was quick and easy to put together and I enjoyed teaching with it.  I posted some pictures below of some of my kiddos completing their mission!

I did this next activity in my room today.  This activity is called Telling Time With Pretzels (original I know: ).  I gave the students’ a small handful of pretzels, a paper plate, a blank clock printable, and a blank clock work page.  The students’ cut and pasted the clock to their plate.  We used the pretzel sticks as our clock arms (you could use Twizzlers or pretzel rods too).  I had my kids bite half of the pretzel stick for the hour hand and keep a whole pretzel stick as their minute hand.   
I modeled the first few and we completed the first row of clocks together.  I let them come up with their own times for the bottom half.  This is a very flexible activity that could be done in all sorts of ways.  I downloaded the pages I used so feel free to click the download below and use them!


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