Spring Into Good Behavior

I am always trying to find cute ways to motivate my students’ behavior and this might be one of the cutest so far.  Since Easter is right around the corner this fits perfectly.  I placed a cute little Easter basket on my desk and filled it with green grass and plastic Easter eggs.  Inside each egg I placed coupons good for no homework, sit at the teacher’s desk, use a Smencil for the day, sit with a friend pass, etc.  I didn’t make my coupons because Christina Bainbridge already has some super cute ones at Teaching Oasis.  They do cost a couple of dollars, but there are more then 10 different coupons and they covered everything I would have needed anyway, plus it saved me time.     

When I catch a student going above and beyond in the month of April I will allow them to choose an egg for “egg-ceptional behavior”.  It will be a bit of a mystery as to what reward they might receive.  I can’t wait to introduce this cute idea to my class on Friday!  I hope it’s a hit.

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  1. I love this! As a student I would have been so goooooood for you, just for a chance at seeing what might be in my egg! :)
    Thanks for a great idea!
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