Opening Day - Go Cards!

There are lots of things I love about teaching, but today was by far one of the best days!  To bring in the baseball season we celebrated the Cardinal’s opening day at our school.  Everything I taught today was surrounded by the baseball theme and I loved it.  I have posted numerous pictures below and some printables I used to go with them.  Enjoy!
We are all suited up and ready for the day! 

We made super cute cardinal hats.  The kids looked so cute in them!

We did a snack and share in our classroom today with the book Hello, Fredbird.  We used Cracker Jack boxes instead of regular popcorn.  I got this cute idea from another teacher that does snack and share in her room with all sorts of books.  I will try to do som research to get her name.  Let me know if you know. 
I even made these cute baseball cookies for an afternoon snack.  We ate these while we shared our super cute writing for the day.  Check out the baseball writing below with the cute Smilebox magazine cover page.  They have a free trial going on right now for 14 days.  I used this magazine cover with the free trial. 

They had two writing prompts to choose from: My most memorable baseball moment and Top reasons why I would play for the St. Louis Cardinals.  They absolutely loved writing to these and they were so surprised to see their face on a magazine cover.  Below is an up close image of this students' writing.

For math I did no work at all.  I found this cute idea at  It can be played with addition or subtraction.  The printables are all at the link above.  They have so many cute ideas for various holidays and themes.  This is always the first place I look before I buy or make something.

For sight word work I played a cute sight word game called Sight Word Slugger.  The winner won this cute golden baseball.  I played the game just the same as BANG!, but made the cards baseballs and had the BANG card say STRIKE instead.  I will post my printables in the morning.  Below I have posted a link for the rules to BANG!


  1. Very cute! We are Cardinal fans too!

    I didn't know if you saw this post under your recycle blog, so thought I would repost here:

    These are adorable! I just found your blog and you have some great ideas. I definitely want to make these! Would you mind sharing your trashcan pattern? Do you give them a template to cut trash faces, etc. from? I looked on amazon for the book- wow $80. It's out of print. I think I'll get The Wartville Wizard one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog!!! LOVE this unit!! You have some adorable ideas!! AND your Fredbird hats are WAY cuter than mine!!! I might have to revamp mine for next year!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Little Warriors