Treasures Reading Unit 4 Week 5 Ideas

This week my focus for our Treasures reading was contractions with not and y (ee) in phonics.  We also have a few stories this week that want the kids to identify beginning, middle, and end events in a story.  I have created some graphic organizers and games to go along with the weeks lessons.  If you use Treasures then this will be a help to you.  Hopefully you can use some of them in your class!
Links for activites are below
1. This is a sorting activity with the letter y.  The students' decided if the word on the puppy says ee or ie.  The students' sort and record their answers.

2.  The next acticity is an egg contraction match.  You print and laminate all the eggs.  Cut the eggs in half and have the students' find the matching contractions to go with the two words. Example: can not=can't.  There is also a cute recording page to go with it!

3. This next item is a graphic organizer to go with the story Little Rabbit.  It is a carrot with beginning, middle, and end.  I will use my chart paper to make a larger version and the kids will fill out their page out with me.
Hope you have a great week and can use some of these activities!

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