Numicon Math Centers

It is June and I promised myself that I wouldn’t think about teaching until
after the 4th of July.  Well, here were are talking about math centers.
I took a quick trip to the teacher store to look at new options for a few math
manipulative to use in my inquiry stations. I found these Ten Frame Towers and
the ideas are pretty much endless. How have I never heard of numicon and
why am I just now discovering all of these amazing, inquiry-based, activities to
use these with? 

Here are just a few ways I plan to utilize these in the first few months of school. 
My first graders main focus for the first part of the year is being able to master
ways to make 10 and these are perfect for doing just that.

We also want them to be able to add within ten and recognize dot patterns, ten frames, and numbers in a snap.  This helps to grow their number sense, which in turn makes mental math much easier in the long run. Check out these ideas.

I don’t know about you, but my kids would love this frog pond idea.  You can get foam circles to make into lily pads and those cute little frogs can be found at your local Dollar Tree. 

One thing that I have noticed in my 12 years of teaching is that more and more, children are starting school without basic fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are used to do tasks like using a marker, cutting out and gluing shapes, or to hold the paper still while cutting it up with a scissors or drawing on it with crayons. Why not help to improve that and work towards strengthening their number sense at the same time. I have already purchased the locks here because I know this one will be a huge hit!

**Also you can find those plastic tweezers at your local Dollar Tree** 

I hope you find some of these ideas useful!! I can’t wait to try some of
these out next year! What do you do with your kiddos to help grow their
number sense and promote inquiry?


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