My Storybook - Web-Based Writing

This year our grade level has been working hard to utilize the Chrome books we were given.  This has been a BIG change seeing as we did have tablets the pervious year.  I wanted to share one of the recent web-based sites that I found easy to use and engaging for my students. 
       We have spent the past 4 weeks working on fictional/narrative story writing.  This is always a tricky one for my kiddos because they want to write about something that happened to them (small moments).  After practicing our writing using paper and pencil they got to choose the story they liked the most to publish.  This is nothing new because we have done it in the past, but this time they got to create it using this awesome site My Storybook. 

       My Storybook was probably one of the easiest sites to use for a seven year old! They add there images and backgrounds from various pictures already on the site, type their words, and add pages, and best of all it’s FREE!  Check out one of my kiddos finished stories.  We have not edited these all yet, but you get the idea. Just click the title page to view the story. 
Do you have a good go-to website for writing? If so, please share.  The whole Chrome Book vs Apps is hard for me.  I would love ideas of what you use and love!

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