Non-Fiction and Fiction Fun!

This past week we really hit fiction and nonfiction text hard.  We have learned about the difference between the two for most of the year, but we really needed to dig a little deeper.  I introduced the week with two texts on the same topic but obviously lots of differences.  I chose to use a snow nonfiction book and the award winning picture book SNOW.  The kids really enjoyed the read-alouds and coming up with some big difference between to two. 

The following day I wanted have the kids complete a book sort together at the carpet using an ActivInspire Flipchart I created.  We reviewed what we remembered about the difference between fiction and nonfiction and then practiced sorting books as a whole group using the flipchart. 

 The kids did great and were ready to try on their own.  I had them complete the same activity with their book orders.  The kids loved this because they love book orders, it actually meant something to them (not a worksheet), and they got the choice of what books they wanted to use.  It was a hit and a great way for be to check of learning target mastery. 

For day three I really wanted them to do some cooperative group work, so I set them off on a nonfiction scavenger hunt using a variety of bog books I had.  I can not take credit for this cute scavenger hunt page.  I snagged it from  

We finished out our week on fiction and nonfiction with book discussions over of independent reading selections and talking about what made them nonfiction and fiction.  I created a write about it assessment to use as a learning target check for their binders.  You can grab yours in the document download below.  If you would like the flip chart I created please email me at 

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