TCH & CH Read the Room Freebie!

I am happy to say that we made it through this last crazy week. We had the 100th day, school wide celebrations and assemblies galore! I was more than ready for the weekend. Last week we learned a new SCREECH guide in our Pathways program. We learned about good ole Defender T! This is always an easier one for the kids to understand, but they do still need a lot of practice.  I created a very simple but affective way to practice this guide as a whole class.  The best part…they are up and moving and it’s not a worksheet! Can I get an AMEN!

You grab this FREEBIE by clicking here or clicking the picture below!

One a happy and warm note we had 60-degree weather in January, so I got to spend some much needed outdoor time with my Loves! Check out my ham of a daughter.

I have some pretty awesome things I will be posting in the next 14 days, so be sure to check back daily! I call it 14 days of LOVE for my followers!

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