100th Day Fun!!!

I can’t believe we have already been in school 100 days! This week is a pretty busy, but fun week.  We celebrate the 100th day traditions today (wear 100 things, have a 100 snack, etc.) but we have our football theme school wide activities on Friday so the kids are WIRED!

My favorite part about the 100th day is having the kids share all things they have learned.  It reassures me that they do indeed listen when I’m teaching. This year we decided we were 100 day rock stars because of all the new things we have learned. We charted all things that we have learned and then made rock star guitars with what they were most proud of.  They loved these!

I have some more goofy pictures of the kids I will add in the morning.  I left those on my school iPad.  Every year I always do the 100 year old writing. I have had my kids make their old pictures out of cotton ball and paper in the past, but for the second year I did the Aging Booth App and it never gets old.  The kids think it is the funniest thing ever and I get a kick out of the pictures and the writing.

Here is a better look at how well this app works.  These were a great chuckle for staff and students.  I am planning on putting all the writing and pictures into books for each of my kids on Friday.

We ended the day with a fun 100th day smart cookie snack and a science project which I will post on at the end of the week.  What a great hump day!


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