3 Digit Addition & Then Some

This week has been a very busy week full of testing and review work.  I am not the biggest fan, but have managed to make some fun little math activities and some partner games.  Hopefully you can find some use for these in your classroom. 
We just introduced 3 digit addition this week.  This seems to be  tricky for them, but they are excited to learn it.  I created a flip chart with some sample word problems to do together and then I made little math story problem booklets for them to use on their own.  They liked these a lot and the work I got out of them was great!  They love drawing pictures to match their problems! 

You can grab your copy by clicking here

I planned on letting them play a little partner game this week instead of math sheets or “real work”.  They enjoy these a lot!  The graphics I used were from my cute graphics.  Love this site and they free to use if you are not selling!

Click the game board below to grab your freebie.  If you really want to be the best teacher let them cover their jellybeans with jelly beans!!! Have a great week!  Feel free to share great math games you do in class.




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