Huge List of Character Education Mentor Texts

I am excited to say that my hubby finally set up my work station last night, so I can really start making and creating new things for my room.  I am pretty excited because I have been without it for over a month now.  I wanted to share a great resource for you to use in your classroom.
As many of you know my school was awarded the National School of Character award just over a year ago and we were asked to speak as at a character conference in St. Louis last year.  I have been meaning to share this wonderful resource with you, but I think I got  carried away with too many other things.
We asked the educators at the conference to write down their favorite book they use in their classroom for character and what character trait is represented. This activity was great because after the conference was over our principal went home types up this AMAZINGLY HUGE list of resources and emailed it to everyone that attended.
Without delay I present to you the longest and best  list of character
education mentor text for you to use in your classroom.  Hopefully you find this useful.  I love to start off the week with one of the books and use it as a reference throughout the week.  I am excited to get back to the computer and get creative again. Check back soon for 100th day pics and activities and more fun freebies!

Please feel free to share books you love to use in your classroom!

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