Easy as Pie Grading

After visiting a school this past year I saw something that was truly mind blowing.  One of those moments where you think why didn’t I ever think of that?  It really is as easy as pie.  I teach from the Treasures series and at the end of every unit there is a large test the kids must take…don’t we all just love giving and grading those? Not this girl ; )

Here is a picture of my nice pile I took home to grade.  I quickly graded all of them and then brought them back to school.  Attached to each test was a strip.  The kiddos took time to look over their tests and reflect.   They circled or highlighted the numbers they got wrong and then glued them onto the folder I had placed at my back table.  This took all of 5 minutes max. 

After all the slips were glued, it gave me a really quick look at how my kids did in one quick snapshot.  I could see the patterns of the most missed.  Now it was time for me to reflect and see what needed to be taught as a whole group and who I could pull back for a quick reteach. It really was as easy as pie.  Now I know that I will be pulling a few kids to reteach main idea and I will be re-teaching –es endings as a whole group.

You can pick up your copy by clicking here.

I am finishing up some long vowel game boards for a fun Friday freebie.  Be on the lookout! Happy teaching.  Here is a cute pic of my little lady who will be one in April.  Who doesn’t love some baby smiles?


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