For the Love of Lists

This past week we worked on list making with the kids.  I always love this lesson because it gets the kids working together and really thinking.  I always start this lesson off by asking kids when they would need a list or where they have seen them.  I always get grocery list and Christmas list as a response.  Next we read the book Bunny Cakes By: Rosemary Wells.  The kids love it and it fit perfectly with the lesson.
After reading the book I put the class into groups and gave each group a list recording form (below) and a bag with a title on it ex: Things for camping.  Inside the bag were different pictures of item they might need to go camping or take a bath.  There were also items that wouldn’t be needed.  They had to sort through the pictures and record the items needed on the form.  

This activity was easy and was a huge hit.  The kids thought the wrong pictures were pretty funny too!  Check back in a couple days for our Dino Doubles Hunt activity!


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