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It looks like I have made it through my first week as SUPERWOMAN. This is a year of many firsts for me, but this was the first time I ever started a school year as a mom, wife, mentor, & teacher.  I must say it wasn’t easy.  Since I feel like my time these days are minimal here is a fairly short and very sweet version of my favorite things this week.

#1 my pretty little Nora Bug…she is a cutie.  I love her to death but I must say she really through me for a loop this last week.  Three days before school started she decided to start waking up at 4am (ha not funny). The kid has slept through the night since 10 weeks old. It’s a good thing she is cute.

#2 My classroom décor stayed the same for the first time in 7 years of teaching.  I decided that redoing a room during my maternity leave was not a wise choice.  Here are some of my newest projects/displays, some of them my own and some Pinterest findings.

I’m loving QR Code displays and this was a must for open house night.  I feel so tech savvy ; )

 We have decided to take on the 7 habits as a school this year to add to our National School of Character lessons.  We had the theme “Soaring to Leadership” this year so this was my name display outside my door.  It’s nothing too special, but cute.

I sprayed a cookie sheet from the Dollar Tree and added scrapbook letters to make a magnetic homework club board.  I plan to place student head shots on the board to help keep track of who turns their homework in every month.  It makes it much easier then doing a spread sheet.

This was the first time I did balloons and I loved them.  It really made the room fun and exciting.  The kids loved the balloons and the jungle treats.  

I can send you a link to the treat bag cover if you comment below. 

#4 Dollar General
Has anyone else walked into Dollar General and set their eyes on the teacher section???? Everything is a buck!!! I got these super cute scratcher tickets for a buck.  The kids think they are pretty awesome and when they earn 3 jewels they get to scratch a ticket.  Here are my first 2 winners this year!!!  These girls were pretty pumped. 

There was not enough room for teacher, so I had to right teach.  I know it isn’t correct; )

Happy Teaching!!!!!


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