Polish Up Your Words & Father's Day Freebie

  I have somehow found some time to finally start working on some of my ideas.  I really want to get a lot of these finished before school starts.  I have a student teacher starting in August and I would love to incorporate a lot of these centers and small group activities into my weekly lessons.
  I recently created my newest work on words center that is sure to entice any young girl in your classroom.  All my girls love to paint their nails so I thought this would be perfect. Polish your words was made for a spot the vowels/ two vowels go walking, but you could edit the bottles to make the words your sight words for the month. I will have an editable version for free if you purchase the original from my shops.  

  Here is a sneak peak at the center. The girls draw a polish card, read it/spot the vowel combo, write it on the line and paint a nail (with watercolors) if they get it correct. The first person to paint all 10 nails wins!  I even let my kiddos decorate the hands with jewelry if they finish early. They love it. 

Here is an example of it filled out. Sorry the picture isn’t the clearest.  It was taken on my phone.

You can grab your copy at either one of my shops below.

I have not only been working on school stuff, but also on my husbands very first fathers day gift.  I must say I love Pinterest.  I have decided to go with a beer themed gift and here is a pic of one of his gifts.  I found the idea on Pinterest but of course I had to create the graphics to add to the package.  If you would like to snag this idea and use it too I have made the graphics available for your printing pleasure.
Click the image below to get your graphics


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