Communication & QR Codes

Surprisingly I am finding time to work on school stuff with a baby attached to me. I have been finding time to brainstorm ideas and Pinterest has been my friend lately for easy ways to save a little time this year by using all those creative minds out there.  I don’t know about you, but I find that communication is KEY in having a smooth and fun filled year. Teachers are happy when the students communicate with them, your principal wants to know what the heck is going on, and those parents love it MORE. If you make yourself available to them and insure them that their child is your priority, the year goes by pretty stress free.
Any who….our school has had a HUGE push with technology (YEAH)! I really want to try to push more of my instruction and lessons in this direction.  My first step is to really get the parents involved by sharing my blog with them and encouraging them to visit it weekly for my posts/pics about what is happening in our classroom. I love Vistaprint because it is cheap and very simple to use. I make magnets every year to put with their parent packs on open house night. Here is a quick peak at the one I made for this year. The best news I got 25 for just under 10 bucks! 

Every house has a refrigerator so the magnet is perfect because parents don’t loose them. The best part about my magnet this year is it has a QR CODE! You see them everywhere and if you have a cell phone chances are you have a free app for a QR CODE scanner. How easy is this?

I created my own QR CODE for free at KAYWA.COM. Click words below for a direct link to the site.  It takes 2 minutes to make your code. I plan on posting this up outside my classroom door for the whole year.  When you have conferences and parents are waiting offer the code and have them explore your blog. It really is great!


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