Shape Snack n' Sort

This will be a shorter post but I did want to share my cute shape sorting activity with snack mix.  My kids get so excited about anything that they get food with, so this was the perfect activity for them.  We had been learning about squares, circles, and rectangles in our Saxon math unit so they needed a wrap up activity to ensure they got it.  I also added coloring trains to match numbers for extra practice.  Here are some quick pictures and a freebie. 

To grab your freebie click the picture below.
My sight word unit for unit 1 Treasures will be up tomorrow, so be on the look out.  Also, my sale is still going on through out the month of September for Ovarian Cancer. 100% of all my proceeds will go to GYNCA.  Thanks to all who have bought items or shared this sale on their personal blog.  Every dollar makes a difference to these families. 


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  1. Just found your cute blog. I love bee themed blogs. I'm your newest follower.
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