Mooove Over...A Count by 2's Activity

     Well, it has been a very snowy time in St. Louis.  I had every teachers dream come true on Thursday...yes, that's right a snow day.  To make my week even better we were also off on Friday, which means I got a 5 day weekend!!!  The bad news was I left my camera at school, so all the posts I had planned on making and a couple of good freebies are a lost cause until I get the camera out of my classroom.  I was pretty irritated, but it gave me more time to play on other blogs and Pinterest. 

     This is one post I can make that won't be ruined without pictures.  Last week I taught counting by 2's to my kiddos.  Sometimes this is a hard concept once they get past 10, but my little ones did pretty good.  I love to use picture books to teach other concepts other then communication arts, so this book was perfect.  I used the book Mooove Over! A Book about Counting by Two's.  This book is so cute and very funny.  You can even add a short 5 minute discussion about character education too. 

     I started my lesson by randomly giving out animal cards to some of the kids in my class.  They have EEKK! partners for all carpet lessons, so I made sure to give one animal card per partner group.  As I was reading the story the kids had to listen for their animal and number to be called.  They came up to the board and placed their number card in order counting by 2's as it was read in the book.  The cards had magnets on the back so they could easily be placed on the magnetic chart board.  This is always good because they have to really pay attention so they don't miss their turn.  When the book was over we used our animal cards to count by 2's to 20 as a whole group.  After the lesson I gave each student their own set of skip counting animal cards, which will be used as flash cards.  I have used it as a quick minute math challenge.  (Place your cards in the correct order in under a minute).  They love any kind of challenge. 

Click the picture to download the cards.  Sorry there isn't a lot of pictures to go with this.  If you have any question just leave a comment. 


  1. What a fun way to practice! I teach 1st grade in St. Louis too (well, St. Charles)! What district?

  2. Love the cards! Used in my lesson recently and will be linking to this post from a post on my blog! Thanks!

    The Math Maniac