And the winner is....

Thanks to everyone who joined in the giveaway.  I am happy to say that I have a winner!  That’s right...It is  Jennifer!  Congrats on your winnings!  I will be emailing you your Great Money Hunt. 

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I also don’t want to mess up this award, so here goes the hard part.  Here are my blogs that I will be nominating for the Liebster Award.  This award is for a blog that has less then 200 followers and is doing some pretty awesome stuff. 

  My first nominee is Katie over at Mrs. Shiniger's Blog.  Katie is a Kindergarten teacher in my building.  She is pretty amazing and I even talked her into starting up a blog.  She is still pretty knew at this and uses it as a parent resource, but I know getting some followers and an award would really get her blog going.  She has lots of cute pictures and some cute freebies too.  Stop by and check out her Donor's Choose project! 
Mrs. Shininger's Blog
My second blog is Amy over at Library-Momma.  Did you know that there are only like 2 blogs out there for librarians?  Amy is the librarian at my school and she always has a way of finding all the goodies out there on the web.  She is always sending me neat links to great sites.  Stop by and say hi!  Oh...and she has two of the cutest little kids ever.  

My third blog is A Cupcake for the Teacher.  If you haven't found this one you are missing out.  She has some of the cutest ideas and lots of freebies.  You should check out her little snowmen ornaments and tags.  I wish I would have found this before I spent days painting my students hands for their plates.  Ahhh!  Her telephone New Years display is a must on my list for when we get back!

A Cupcake for the Teacher
Well those are the three blogs I have found that I love and follow. I hope you can find time to stop by and visit.  I wanted to share some quick snap shots from this week.  I have to share my Christmas Pinterest Party as I call it.  It was unreal again.  I also had nothing to do with this one.  Thanks to Morgan's mom for putting this party together...she worked very hard. 

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!  I will be posting one last time before Christmas...and it a good character education post.


  1. Oh my goodness - you have a Martha Stewart mom in your classroom - that's awesome!!!!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. Just found your darling blog. Looks like your class had tons of fun for Christmas!

  3. Thank you so much!! I'm a new follower.. I love your theme!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher