New Treasures Weekly Unit & Shapes Freebie

     I'm so happy to finally get back on the computer and browse blogs for ideas.  I have been sick this whole weekend and haven't had a chance to post my new stuff and share ideas.  I am feeling a little better today, so I thought I would get to posting and peaking at Pinterest (I love that site)!  Well I posted my new Treasures Unit 2 Week 1 unit at my Teachers Notebook Shop and it is one of my favorites so far.  These have been a pretty big hit, so I plan to try to make these every week if I am inspired with some ideas. 
           This next shapes activity is very cute and worked great for kids.  I have a very musical group this year that loves to sing and do any kind of chant to help them learn.  A teacher in my building gave me this idea, so I can't take any credit.  We use the Saxon math program and in the beginning of the year we review/teach the shapes.  Last week the shape was rectangles, so I introduced this cute catchy song to the tune of  Frère Jacques.

I am thinking, I am thinking
Of a shape, Of a shape
It has four sides
Two are longer
What is it?
What is it?

After we did the song together I set them off on a hunt for rectangles around the room.  Each kid was given a rectangle shape label and had to find and label a shape in the room.  We checked them together and left them up all week.  The kids loved it because they were up and moving!  

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Have a wonderful start to a new week!