My Week In Pictures

This week was super busy!  We had fire prevention, Columbus Day, and preparation for Red Ribbon Week.  I thought I would post a few pictures from the week and give credit to all those creative bloggers out there.  I did a few of these myself, but many of them were from other sites. 
First up...Fire Safety
 These cute fire poems came from Mrs. Meachum's site under poetry notebooks
 I loved the fun hats and workbooks they got from the fire department.

We made a book for the fire fighters!  If you would like a copy of the cover or page inserts let me know.  I will post them up!
Christopher Columbus Day
I'm not sure if anyone else saw these cute boats on Pinterest, but I did.  We made these super cute snacks and Mrs. Van Orman pre made the little flags for the top of the boats.  My kids loved the snack and they were healthy....score!

This activity was my favorite of the week, but I can't take even a little credit for this one.  This is from buzzing about second grade.
This contraction surgery with contractions with not was a huge hit and the kids didn't want to stop.  I'm pretty sure when we go to assess this my kids won't miss it.  We had a catchy phrase that went with it. "Oh no you gotts drop that o."  The kids cut out the bad o's and stiched the contractions back up.  And don't forget the apostrohe is key! We used the small circle clear Band-Aides for the apostrohe. 

In a couple days I will posting up my candy corn contractions craft and center check back soon!  Please let me know if you would like the fire safety book printable and the contraction cards I used for the surgery activity.  I have both on my school computer.



  1. I love your fire safety book!! It looks so cute! I would love the printable. I also love the Columbus Day snack.

    Jennifer A.

  2. I would love the fire safety book and contraction cards. Too cute!!

  3. I would love both the fire safety book and the contraction cards!

  4. I found your kite contractions on Pinterest and love all your ideas for contractions! Would you still be willing to share your contraction cards? I am starting contractions next week.

    Lori Reed

  5. Hi I linked this post from my blog today! I hope that is alright. My kiddos sure loved the surgery activity! Thanks!

  6. Hi! I love your stuff, so cute! Would you still be willing to share your contraction surgery cards? Love it!

  7. I really love the contraction surgery! I can't wait to try it with my students!

  8. Hello!,

    I love all of your posts! so interactive and fun! Could you send me the contraction surgery cards if that is still an option?

    Thanks for all the ideas!

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  10. I love love love your fabulous contraction cards. A real treasure... I would love a copy if possible.