Fruit Loop Frenzy & Subtraction Seashells

I'm so sad that this wonderful weekend is already over!  We had great weather and nothing to do, which rarely happens.  We are a pretty busy couple.  I'm pretty sure almost everyone we know is getting married. All of my plans are done for next week and I am a posting Queen today.  My next week is a bit jumbled because of a teacher work day on Friday, Fire Saftey, and Columbus Day, so I am not posting a Treasures unit this week.  I am instead posting some of my ideas for math.  We are introducing subtraction sentences/problems this week so I made a cute shell themed center that's yours for free.  Just click the picture.  I plan on making this one a center and possibly using an extra copy of sea shells counters for them to create their own story problem. 

Click on the cover or here to download.

I also like to do fun math activities or games on Fridays.  It's called Friday Fun in math.  I do this because they almost always have a test on Fridays, so we like to do something fun afterwards.  This week I am doing Fruit Loop Frenzy.  I am going to give each child a small cup of Fruit Loops and the workpage below.  This is a great activity because there is a SNACK and you hit on key skills like even or odd, estimation, graphing, least and greater, patterns, etc.  I hope you find a couple of these freebies useful.  Let me know what you think!

I will be posting pictures of my activites for Christopher Columbus Day and Fire Saftey, so check back later this week for pics and printables.  Many of the ideas are from Pinterest, but I managed to do a couple of my own!  Thanks to everyone for always sharing such cool ideas.  I'm hooked!

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