How To Writing - Shoes on the Loose

I am getting ready to start some of my how to writing activities next week and I wanted to share one of my ideas for writing.  One thing that I wish every year is that my kiddos come to first grade and already know how to tie their shoes.  I know....a pretty big wish.  I have decided to use this life skill to also hit one of GLE's.  My kiddos already colored their awesome Nike Air Max shoes and they are so excited to find out what they will be doing with them.  Below are some pictures from the unit.  This unit has the shoe template, writing paper, graphic organizer, and a book list to use when teaching this skill.  This item is for sale at my Teachers Notebook Shop for only $2.50.  If you do anything cute to teach how-to writing please share.  I am always looking for new ideas.   

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